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October 17, 2012

ICANN 45 Toronto Wednesday 17 October

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I usually start with good intentions to write a blog entry for each day at the ICANN meeting. Sadly I am now 4 days behind, but for good reasons. At the opening ceremony on Monday the new CEO Fadi Chehade and our chairman Steve Crocker both gave the office of the ombudsman a ringing endorsement for the role within the ICANN community. I am humbled by the praise from both of them, but very pleased at the support, which comes from the ICANN board. Following on from this, I have had tremendous support from the communications team and there will shortly be a video posted on the site, with me talking about my role as ombudsman. Of course the result of this most helpful publicity has been that people are reminded of my role to help with the disputes within the ICANN community, and this has resulted in some issues coming into the office. I am glad that I can is raising the profile of the ombudsman within the community, and continue to be available in my office at Dockside 4 for any visitors.

October 14, 2012

Toronto ICANN45

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Canada has welcomed us with autumn colours in the trees by our hotel. I am looking forward to some challenging issues and meeting the many friends I have made since I began as Ombudsman. The colours and season seem to produce a mellow mood, which is promising for dispute resolution. Today (Sunday) I present Ombudsman 101 to the newcomers. This has become a most important part of my job, because as they become engaged with ICANN, the newcomers have been introduced to my office and function. I get to meet them in person later today, and find they often have searching questions and fresh ideas. It reminds of the need for any volunteer based organisation to have a renewal programme to introduce new blood and Filiz Yilmaz and the team do an amazing job.

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