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February 11, 2010

ICANN Board of Directors passes resolutions on Ombudsman recommendations

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Recommendations of Ombudsman File 09-58

The Board discussed the Ombudsman File 09-58, the conduct of the investigation, and the focus on civility within ICANN, and the need for awareness of cultural and gender issues to provide for better opportunities for participation.

The Board then took the following action:

Whereas, the Board thanks the Ombudsman for his report on File 09-58 addressing civility issues within ICANN related meetings and discussions;

Whereas, the Board notes that there is ongoing work within ICANN to enhance civility among ICANN participants, and that this topic is of high value to the ICANN community;

Whereas, the Board responds to the Ombudsman Report as follows:

It is hereby RESOLVED (2010.02.04.16) that the Board affirms that all participants in ICANN are expected to adhere to the Expected Standards of Behavior as published in the ICANN Accountability & Transparency: Frameworks and Principles, found at: http://www.icann.org/en/transparency/acct-trans-frameworks-principles-10jan08.pdf.

It is further RESOLVED (2010.02.04.17) that the Board requests that the CEO direct ICANN Staff to provide at least annual reminders of the Expected Standards of Behavior to the membership of ICANN’s supporting organizations and advisory committees, and to consider the other proposals by the Ombudsman to enhance civility.

One Board member abstained from voting on these resolutions. All other Board members in attendance voted in favor of these resolutions.

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