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May 21, 2008

Ombudsman interviewed by the American Bar Association

Filed under: Outreach — Frank Fowlie @ 12:18 pm

David B. Collier, Esq., co-editor in chief of Conflict Management, has interviewed the ICANN Ombudsman for an article published in the ABA’s Section on Litigation journal “Conflict Management”, Spring 2008 edition.  The article, entitled “Internal Alternative Dispute Resolution at ICANN” may be found at this url: http://icann.org/ombudsman/alternative-dispute-resolution-aba-spring08.pdf

May 1, 2008

International Ombudsman Yearbook

Filed under: Outreach — Frank Fowlie @ 12:17 pm

The International Ombudsman Yearbook is the annual publication of the International Ombudsman Institute.  The ICANN Ombudsman has contributed an article for the most recent version, Volume 9.  It is called “The Ombudsman and Client Satisfaction: Observations on the Relationship Between Jurisdiction, Outcome, and Satisfaction.”  The article is based on ongoing evaluation research conducted by the Office of the Ombudsman.

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