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May 13, 2007

No reply from any party on the ALAC Report

Filed under: cases and findings — Frank Fowlie @ 12:54 pm

My cover letter to ICANN on February 14, 2007 contained the following paragraph:

“The Ombudsman Framework contains the following provision:The Ombudsman shall have the power to make recommendations to the Board of Directors with respect to matters arising from complaints reviewed by the Ombudsman.  Where a recommendation has been made to the Board of Directors, the Board of Directors shall respond to the Ombudsman within 60 days following their next Board meeting following a recommendation with a response.  

As the next scheduled meeting of the Board is March 13, 2007, I will look forward to a response by May 13, 2007 (Italics mine).” 











As of May 13, I have not either had a request to extend the date of response, nor have I had a response.









I draw your attention to paragraph 108 of the One World Trust report on ICANN Transparency and Accountability (Italics mine):




In the Ombudsman framework there is a specific commitment made by the Board to respond to Ombudsman recommendations within 60 days of the next Board meeting. There is no similar commitment made in relation to responding to Reconsideration Committee recommendations. A commitment to a provide timely response is important because it prevents protracted processes and also ensures the complainant is not forced to wait for a response an unnecessarily long period of time.     

Recommendation 4.6: The Board should consider making a commitment to responding to the recommendations of the Reconsideration Committee within a specific period of time.

I trust that this default will be addressed by the parties concerned with the shortest possible delay.

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